Waking Up Couldn't Be More Fun

Wake Social is an alarm clock that allows you to wake your friends with fun voice recordings and challenges.

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How It Works


1. Create An Alarm

In order for your friends to wake you up you have to create an alarm. This is where you set the time you want to wake up, select your friend and select how your friend will challenge you when your alarm goes off.


2. Voice recording

Once your friend has accepted your “wakeup” request they can then add a ten second voice recording that will be used as your alarm tone. This is where friends are able to leverage their creative juices to make something memorable and fun to get you out of bed.


3. Beat Box

The fun doesn’t stop there. You can spice up your voice recording by adding a beat from our app’s beat box. The app is embedded with beats from several genres such as R&B,  Hip Hop, Jazz and Dancehall, so there’s something to fit every mood and occasion.


4. Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything is a challenge where your friend is allowed to ask you questions you have to answer before your alarm is disabled.


5. Repeat After Me

Your friend can also add the Repeat After Me Challenge. Repeat After Me allows your friend to specify a statement you have to repeat to your phone in order to disable your alarm.


6. Wake Up!

Once your alarm goes off in the morning you have to jump out of bed to complete your challenges before your alarm is disabled. Once completed, you then share the results with your friends with our moment feature where you can always relive all the activities that occurred when you were awoken by them. Waking up doesn’t get better than this.


Alarms are made interesting with challenges such as Barcode Rush, Repeat After Me and Ask Me Anything that the user must complete in order to disable their alarm.


Once an alarm or wake up has been completed they are moved to moments. This is where friends interact with each other by reminiscing on the activities that took place during that special moment in time when they woke up with a friend.

Multiple Friends Waking Up

Wake Social gets even more fun when there are multiple friends waking up at the same time to see who can disable their alarms the fastest.


The guys that engineer the wake!
Chris Sweis
Product Development and Marketing
Joel Dean
CEO & Mobile Engineer
Nicolas Brown
Server Engineer

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